24 Oct 2013

Visual Studio 2013 - Enhancements and some cool features

Got chance to explore latest Visual Studio 2013 IDE. Although there are many nice enhancements, following sounds good..

  1. Improved web project experience - various components of a complete web application has been separated. Choose ASP.Net with web form, MVC or WebApi or combination and the authentication method to create new web project.
  2. MVC 5 and now there is no "MVC Project Type" or "Web Forms Project Type." There is just one and you can mix and match as you like. hmmmm..
  3. Method Return not read in variable can be viewed in watch
  4. Peek definition - See method without opening file waah..it was very irritating earlier where if we need to check a method and their respective internal method call we needed to open all files and close them (it got improved in 2012 but in 2013 it is better). Still lagging the experience of Resharper..
  5. Enhancement around ASP.Net identity management side.
  6. Support for multiple browser (desktop or mobile browsers) debugging/running.. Good for browser compatibility testing...Cool one..no need to every time change the current browser setting.
  7. Entity Framework has Async Query execution and Save support .. would nice for some logging running save operation which mainly kind of Fire and Forget..
  8. Signal-R enhancements and build over OWin (alternative to OAuth).
The complete list can be reference here: http://www.asp.net/visual-studio/overview/2013/release-notes

VS 2013 download link: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/eng/downloads#d-2013-express

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